How to find Moved Sellers?

Figuring out how to find moved sellers is a wonderful idea if you want to close a deal as quickly as possible. The truth is that it can always get difficult to find sellers which are fully motivated and that alone can bring its fair share of challenges. Once you do start implementing the entire process correctly, things become a lot easier. But how can you find motivated sellers? Here are some ideas.

How to find moved sellers on Zillow?

Zillow is a great real estate website where you can actually find a lot of motivated sellers. It all comes down to knowing where to look and also what you should look out for. There will always be motivated sellers, as well as those that just raise prices and don’t really want to sell right now. A good idea to find motivated sellers is to check the up and coming neighborhoods. Those are the ones that tend to have a lot of motivated sellers.

Another thing you want to check is whether some homes already were on the market. What that means is the person selling that home is motivated to keep costs lower so the house can sell. It might not really seem like a lot at first, but it’s totally something to keep in mind, and in the end you are bound to enjoy it more than you might expect.

You can also browse Zillow as a way to find owners before the house goes on the market. Sometimes owners face foreclosure, they want to move to another city or country, or the property is listed as make me move. These things show the seller is motivated, and you just need to get in touch with them so you can access the deal. It’s totally worth the effort.

How to find motivated sellers on Facebook?

A good idea here is to try and buy paid ads. This way you can target those people who want to sell their home, and it’s totally going to be worth it. Finding great, motivated sellers is always easier if you know how to target them. The same thing can be said if you make helpful videos. Try to do that and help other people, and those sellers will eventually find and contact you.

Another thing you can do is to enter various buyer and seller groups. Here you can find all sorts of motivated sellers and that might help you identify some really good deals. Another thing you want to focus on is the fact that you can search for specific keywords related to home sales. Those inquiries might also bring in certain groups or people that want to sell their home in your area.


Finding motivated sellers is not that hard, if you have the right ideas and know how to look. It’s definitely going to take a little bit to optimize and adapt everything, but once you add everything properly, it’s going to be worth it. Rest assured that implementing stuff like this will always help, even if it does involve quite a bit of work!

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