Deals Chasing You Share And Attract REI Course

Deals Chasing You - Share And Attract Course

Find An Untapped Source Of Motivated Seller Leads... And Have Motivated Sellers Calling YOU To Sell Their House For Them!

We've broken down the process into 9 clear, actionable steps:

1. Prospect Problem: How To know exactly what your seller needs without having to ask them first

2. Perfect Headline: How to create a world-class marketing headline without hiring a copywriter so you can get the phone to ring

3. Success Solution: How to create an offer that immediately triples your response rate without feeling confused so you can close more deals quickly

REI Deals Pyramid

4. Hidden Lists: How to get access to the best data in the industry without having to get special access so you can know exactly how to find an unlimited supply of leads

5. Launch Prep: How to setup your marketing systems quickly so you can pick the winning strategy with confidence

6. Funnel Builder: How to automate your marketing systems in as little as 1 day without tech overwhelm so you can be ready to close every lead that enters your machine

Real Estate Digital Ad Templates

7. Traffic Hub: How to increase your traffic ROI 3x on your first campaign without confusion so you can open the lead floodgates

8. Lead Multiplier: How to triple your appointments on your first campaign without having to race over to the prospects home so you can build a scalable business that runs with systems

9. Sales Secrets: How to close 3x times more leads on your first campaign without cheesy sales tricks so you can take the deal to the finish line

Real Estate Sales Workbook

Learn The New Way To Buy Houses...

Secret #1: The New Numbers Game

How to close 3X more deals, with fewer leads, in less than 30 days

Secret #2: Value Multiplier

How to add more money to the deal BEFORE you even get it under contract

Secret #3: Deal Finder

How to increase the number of sellers in your area and have them only call you

REI Share And Attract Course Benefits

The Deals Chasing You Share And Attract Home Buying Method is for investors who know who to get a house under contract but are struggling to find deals.

This system is also designed for investors that are currently in the 1-5 deals per month range and want to either scale up or create more consistency.

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What You'll Get

9 Step Deals Chasing You Course ($3,997)

Motivated Seller Facebook Ads Course ($2,997)

Share And Attract Marketing Systems ($1,997)

Ultimate Content Creator ($2,997)

Competition Crusher ($1,997)

TOTAL VALUE = $13,985

LIMITED TIME ONLY - One Time Payment Of $1,997 OR 3 Payments Of $799

You’ll be able to…

  • Have thousands of prospects learning about you quickly
  • Be smart and targeted with your advertising
  • Automatically follow up with prospects

You’ll be able to get rid of…

  • Expensive third party companies
  • Worn out methods
  • Old excuses
Share And Attract Workbook
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