Can Real Estate Agents have Tattoos?

When you try to find a new job, every single detail matters. Especially in the real estate world where looks are indeed crucial. Which does bring the question, can real estate agents have tattoos, is that ok for them or not? As you can imagine, the idea of having tattoos can be rather controversial in real estate. And it’s easy to see why, this is a field where you focus on professionalism and it also maintains a certain etiquette. And even if times are evolving, you are still wondering if having tattoos is a great idea or not.

How do tattoos impact your real estate career?

So, can real estate agents have tattoos? The short answer is yes. You can have tattoos in real estate and depending on the region you live, you will be interpreted differently. People that are more traditional in nature will not be ok with their real estate person having tattoos, that’s the way things are. Those that have a more modern approach are ok with it. Many real estate agents in California have tattoos, and they are generating lots of sales. However people in other regions aren’t as open to working with someone that has tattoos. It’s just human nature.

Some real estate companies don’t hire people with tattoos

There are many real estate businesses that care a lot about the image they portray. So in their case, you will mostly notice that they try to avoid people with tattoos. They might even say in their ads that they don’t accept people with tattoos. The truth is that some companies will be ok with it, but many of them try to avoid this just because it can be a challenge and certainly one of those issues that you really want to avoid. Addressing that is very important and you do want to check before applying.

Large tattoos are a no-go in most places

One of the things that can be problematic is the type of large, visible tattoos. We are talking about those massive pieces on the arm, chest, neck or even your face. These are not that appealing for a lot of people and they might not make the best first impression. That’s why understanding the process and making sure you adapt accordingly is very important. You have to use it as an advantage and either remove or cover these. But in most cases, real estate companies will avoid you. That is, unless you live in a region like California where people are more open to this kind of thinking.


There’s no denying that real estate agents can have tattoos, but the type and size of that tattoo does matter quite a bit. It’s ideal for a real estate agent to not have tattoos, but if they do, then that becomes a bit tricky to manage. That’s why we highly recommend someone trying to become a real estate agent to not have any tattoos. It might end up making things harder for them as they pursue their career!

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