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Imagine what your business would look like with a consistent stream of deals from an untapped source of motivated sellers  who see YOU as the Clear Choice!

If you are currently investing in a highly competitive market... packed with flippers and wholesalers... this FREE Workshop can be a bonafide game-changer for your business.


Don't let lack of funding stop you from closing on all the deals you can handle. 

Discover the simple strategy that can turn you from the hunter to the hunted... and have Private Money Lenders begging to fund your deals.

Get To Know Max...

Max Keller went from being a full-time high school Math Teacher to creating multiple successful real estate and marketing businesses. He has over 15 years of experience in real estate, finance, and teaching, and was named the 2019 Industry Innovator of the Year.

This has been an amazing program. Every week I walk away with one or two major takeaways that are keys to improving my business.

Sheri Duignan REI Trusted Expert

Sheri Duignan

Real estate agent and investor

“There is a lot of benefit. Max is always sharing all of the information he has… he gives us everything he learns.”

Ray Castillo REI Trusted Expert

Ray Castillo

real estate agent and placement agency owner

Max overdelivers on the value. He always teaches his best stuff, he doesn't hold back. His wisdom is unique, valuable, and easy to apply.

Mike Fisher and Marisa Rohrer REI Trusted Expert

Mike Fisher and Marisa Rohrer

Move Mom Now, Cjicago IL

It has definitely propelled our business. Just today, because of the book alone, we got that extra listing.

Hector Perez REI Trusted Expert

Hector Perez

Real estate agent

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